History in djay Pro 2 for Mac

I’m looking for a way to either export or find my set list (History in the previous version of djay pro) in djay Pro 2. Has the feature been removed, or just moved to a place I can’t find it?

Never mind. Found it buried under the split playlist window.

Now that I’ve found it, how do I export to an iTunes Playlist? Every time I try I get an “Unable to create iTunes playlist” error.

See attached. I think this might be a Mohave issue. I don’t have the problem on a Mac running High Sierra.

…and yes, only iTunes tracks.

The new version released today fixed my issue. Thanks!!!

Hi chptrk,

thank you for your post.

We are happy to hear you found the playlist section :slight_smile:

Regarding your error, can you make a screenshot of the error?

Also are there only iTunes tracks in the playlist you want to export?