History show wrong timestamp when exporting to .csv

History shows wrong timestamp when exported to .csv?
When showing history in DJay Pro 2 itself, it shows the right time when playing the songs. After export to .csv all timestamps are exactly 2 hours off. Example: Start to DJ at 4.34pm (16.34), the export says 2.34pm (14:34). Any settings to correct this? (timestamp1 is from the DJay app - timestamp2 is the csv export)

CEST (Central European Summer Time)
UTC/GMT +2 hours

But why does djay Pro show the correct time in history and the .csv export converts it to another time zone then? The export is done with djay Pro, not another program. It can be assumed that this is an issue with a time zone function, but it it is clearly a bug in djay Pro.

Hi Axel,

this is due to the determined time zone. In which time zone are you in?

Lukas E.