Honest 1st Impression

I have a long history with DJ software, starting around 1998 with Virtual Turntables by Carrot Innovations (Praises to inventor Jeff Lee) and in more recent decades using VirtualDj and Serato. I give that intro to establish that I have seen a thing or two where DJ software is concerned.

I happened across DJayPro recently and this is my first impression: I am surprised there are so many fundamental things missing. Here are just a few things that are immediately apparent.

1.) Transport buttons are not laid out symmetrically logical and do not operate intuitively. What seems to be a cue button operates like a hotcue button.

2.) Library sort order is not remembered when you restart the program.

3.) Music keys are shown in values that only musically trained people understand. Everyone else uses Camelot values.

4.) Pitch bend is weird and feels like the software I used back in 1998.

To be fair, I haven’t connected DJayPro to a controller yet and I am using the demo. So I don’t know if these are giving me the bad impressions, but if I have to look too much further to resolve these points, then I assert that the software is not intuitive.

I’m still optimistic and am posting here in hopes that someone can set me straight on these points for starters.

I won’t mind paying for this kit if it works more sensibly.


I agree with 2),
I will say that I’ve owned all versions of DJay and this software has improved greatly.
Do you own iOS devices?
My experience with iOS and Mac OS versions are a great eco system for anyone who has a good understanding of the art of mixing.
To be able to purchase a song on any of those devices, cloud info, have Djay auto mix on your commute for research…
Yes, there are missing features, glitches and unwanted items.
But the good points overwhelm the misses.
95% use of this software is on automix and djing for me AND it’s at such a high rate of perfect mixes. So much so that if Djay makes a mistake, it’s rare.
BTW, since 1982

Well, in my opinion Pro as opposed to the original.
I agree that they’re features missing. But there were many times that of missing features on the original.
You are witnessing progress.

Why on earth should anyone want automix? Research?
So do you have djay on your phone?
Cause if you do, do you ever play it in your car?

Why on earth would anyone want cruise control, autopilot, I don’t know cause it’s possible.
You have to try to reach as many music lovers as possible. And not everyone are as experienced as others. So as many features as possible.
Look, I see that there are many that give constructive criticism. And many you we can tell are frustrated.
Programming isn’t instant. I’m sure there are patents, and many other hurdles that make for super long wait times for solutions.
I would say that my experience with this software was and is worth the wait.

Why on earth would a pro dj want auto mix. Oh I get the wedding or function playlist or taking a break but to focus on those features as your main usp features isn’t inspiring.

What controller do you have jamrockVj

Yes I get the idea and for some people it will be amazing. But to go down the line of “AL is worth the price alone” just doesn’t do it for me.

Fix sync issue
Fix shortened loops

Then it might be worth considering as software to be taken seriously

Hey LaidbackFred

Yes I own iOS and OSx devices and have tried DJay on both.
It sounds like what you are saying is that DJay is good for what it does best - Automixing. Thats all well and good and I would agree that it may give things like Serato Pyro a run for the money on iOS, but I struggle to understand why it is touted as Pro software if it is missing even the basic things I already listed.

I have DDJ-SX2 & Vestax 380 controllers. Gonna plug this DJay Pro into the SX2 later and see if my impressions change. Not holding my breath.