Honestly disappointed with the PC application compared to the Mac one.

It’s sad to know that on Pc, I can’t edit comments, tag, either with colors or stars. Not to mention that I don’t have the option to sync my songs in case of loss, etc.

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It’s unfortunate that despite user requests and also receiving negative comments from reviewers, Algoriddim have not made any attempt to move forward. In some aspects it’s even behind the smartphone versions.

Rather than address this, it seems they’ve diverted their efforts into writing a new version, just for ARM based PCs.

I bought a macbook. I would rather use Serato than the windows version of Djay Pro even though 5.0 was a big leap in the right direction.

In my opinion they should focus on 3 platforms:
Apple Silicon
Performance x86 PC’s with GPU’s
Snapdragon X

These platforms has very equal performance, popular and likely represents a significant userbase.

Agreed, it looks like Algoriddim (back in the day) did another back-end software approach on PC then on iOS. The library management is non-existent.

I have used djay for Windows for several months now and it has some cool features and FX that other softwares lack, so I’m invested in the software for the moment.
I hope that the PC version will get some love in the future.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I have passed your comments onto the dev team.

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Djay pro is a great software in some ways, but the shortcomings and problems in the Windows platform prevent me from using it effectively, although I love it very much. Although this is not the truth, deficiencies can be ignored in some way, but major problems, especially synchronization problems, cannot be ignored. I have 3 different Windows computers, the first with a 5th generation Intel processor, the other with a 10th generation Intel processor, the last one with a 12th generation Intel processor, and I cannot use the software stably on any of them. In one case, it is not recording, in the other, the looper quantization is faulty, and in the other, there are different problems that I forget now. And they all have synchronization issues, as well as momentary pitch bending issues on one of the tracks when two tracks are playing in sync. It’s as if the pieces are fighting each other while trying to synchronize with each other. The interesting thing is that; Although it is not completely problem-free, it works best on my old i5 processor computer. Such major problems should be identified and solved, and the Algoriddim team should now focus on the Windows platform, because there is a huge community and potential in Windows. And there is great potential in djay pro, these two potentials should be combined.
I wish you ease in your work.

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Something most be wrong with your setups.
I run djay flawless on a intel nuc i3 13th gen.

Yes, it could be, but this is a complete mystery, like an equation with many unknowns. Three different PCs, different and similar problems, interesting. I tried disabling my controller and it’s still the same and Traktor, Rekordbox and Serato are working without any problems on these three PCs.
(In addition, all my computers have i5 processors and ram are more than enough)

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Thanks for sharing your feedback @Audiotherapy and @Kasper. I have passed this onto the dev team.

I think I found the source of the problem. I’m sorry for my previous comments (even though I didn’t say anything bad), but I’m very happy that I was able to use djay pro for the first time without any problems. Please make a note of this; The source of the problem is the midi map. When I first installed Djay Pro, I made minor changes to the original midi map that I used with my Vestax VCI 400 controller, and I had been using the same map on all PCs since the first days. I just tried to use the original midi map, which is the only common point on three computers (in addition, I reinstalled all the drivers and firmware) and the result is stable. For the first time, I did not experience any synchronization or pitch bending problems for 40 minutes and I will continue testing. In fact, all I did in the beginning was make minor edits to the original map, the result should not have been like this, but anyway, I’m very glad that it was solved this way. But I stand by what I said about the shortcomings, especially in terms of better library management, development of the looper and improvement of midi mapping (although I’m sure I will stay away from this for a while :slight_smile: Thanks.

Hi @Audiotherapy, thanks for the follow up. Greatly appreciated. Glad you seem to have found the source of your main issues. I also own 2 Vestax VCI-400s. Still one of my favorite controllers ever!

Thanks Slak. Even though I’ve used a lot of controllers more recently, the Vestax still feels good. The Vci 400 is really built like a tank and the sound quality is still good. I love him.


You’re welcome. I still have my original DJ TechTools SE version of the VCI-400 that I bought back in 2012. Still works perfectly after a ton of gigs and abuse.


Was that the Ean Golden Addition?

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Yeah, exactly. I have 2 actually. The other one is mint. Never been used. I really wish Vestax was still making DJ gear…