Horizontal Waveforms

excuse my cut and paste skills…But just a rough idea of what the horizontal waveforms could look like :slight_smile:

To me it’s more logical. Its not horizontal and vertical on the same page. Music is made in ableton / logic etc…like this too, horizontally. You get more space for the waveform too. The looping will be very clear to see. You have the small waveforms at the top for drop needle searching still , and you could implement bolder color cue markers. They would look great. This could be the third page you activate in general settings .

Hi jerod! Thanks for the welcome,:slight_smile: You hit the nail on the head with why I’m here. It’s really nice to get a response from Warren so doesn’t feel like your talking to a brick wall. I love Traktor dj and my s2 but it’s like you have to fight for it. And when they do update it’s something you don’t really need. :-/ I’m still in trial staging of the wego3. For me now it’s about size of the kit. I’m getting tired of lugging my s2 every night to the club. The new wego layout is small and fun and feels natural, and doesn’t look cheesy anymore. . I really love it. But 2 probs. The lack of gain is a small issue but I’ve been testing apps to normalize my music… The ‘bigger’ problem which maybe a deciding factor if I can really use it is the wego soundcard. It’s not as good as the z1 or s2. It’s Def loud enough. The bottom end is good. But the mid range starts to get very noisy when plugged into a soundsytem at high voume. I literally went in at the deep end on Sat night in one of my venues. But as Djay has audiobus I think I can compress and 're eq the sound as I would for a track in ableton. Found some apps that do it. Sugarbytes wow is one. Seems to work … But audiobus/wego/Djay are not being 100% nice to each yet. How is the sound out the idj pro ? I really want to switch over to Djay. It has all the features we been moaning at Traktor about .

Intersting. I’ve used older versions of platinum notes in the past. Are you using 4.0?

Hi jerod, I purchased platinum notes and like it. Thanks for the advice. I also got fed up with the sound quality of the wego and swapped it for the reloop beatpad. Have to say it’s sooo much fun, knocks the pants of Traktor s2,so far. . Big , but a good size. My dreams of going to work with something smaller will have to be on a back burner for now …

We have a similar story. I waited for ages for the idj pro but got turned off by the rotarys in the end. Got a z1 to see if the iPad was actually useable for djing. And now that’s my back up for the s2. Don’t get me wrong Traktor dj + s2 is brilliant but it’s only the lack of development that’s my gripe. It’s a flawless set up , but I’m actually bored with the app - it’s mundane. So last nite I did my first gig with the reloop. It s built really well . Feels classy . Knobs and faders do not feel like they’re gonna break. I’m just trying to get used to a new workflow. Your totally right about getting rid of the crossfader …It’s wasted space and the animated fader looks a but crap Tbh. By big annoyance is that there’s a dedicated loop knob , but no way of knowing what loop size your setting. Reloop has been out quite a long time , I don’t understand why no one’s picked up on these issues too…

You should be able to rotate the loop knob and see on screen a loop panel scrolling 1/2/4/8/16/32 (Warren if your reading this)…And I finally realised why horizontal waveforms are needed. Because when your setting a loop size bigger than 4 bars it starts to vanish off the vertical screen cos it’s too big so you can’t even see it properly!!
But overall reloop is very cool.

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heres another horizontal waveform mock up !.

I know it looks busy (cos of my bad waveform) but imagine. The fx/cue point/loop/eq page permanently on screen… the left over space is perfect for two horizontal waveforms . The Djay template stays intact as it is. And the multi pane is very easy to see and access. The 2 smaller waveforms could be for needle drop. And the large waveforms would be able to be zoomed in and out like how they work now in the traditional decks screen in Djay. What do u think ?

I like it, and welcome DJ iBob, i have enjoyed your posts on the Traktor DJ App, but like you, got sick of the lack of updates, communication and progress.

With Djay, when you ask a question or request a feature, Warren is usually quick to respond and very helpful, and they are always adding to the App.

Question for you, what made you decide to go with the Wego3 over the Reloop Beatpad or Numark iDJ Pro?

I have an iDJ Pro and the Casio controller as a back-up, but am looking at the Wego3.

I like the iDJ Pro, they are coming out with a lightning adapter version any day now according to Digital DJ Tips, but it is definitely big. I am a mobile DJ, so every time I set-up it is in a different room, so it is hard to have a baseline for how good the soundcard is and everything needs adjusting depending on the room acoustics, but, I have never noticed issues with different levels.

I also run all my music through Platinum Notes, which normalizes it and gets rid of the clipping caused by engineers trying to master their music at loud volume levels.

I get compliments all the time on how clear the music is, I don’t know if that is more because of Platinum Notes or the iDJ Pro.

Yes, I use 4.0 and I like it, I think it makes the file sound better without changing the structure and the bonus is that all files are the same volume level.

I’m glad you posted this, when I bought my iDJ Pro a few years ago, it was one of the only options available to charge the iPad while DJing, I then bought a Z1 as a back-up, but didn’t like how I would then have my back-up run a completely different piece of software, so I bought the Casio controller in case the iDJ Pro went down (I actually have had to return 2 to Best Buy for issues, such as shutting off mid-gig and static noise).

So I have been trying to figure out if I want to chance the new iDJ Pro with lightning connector when it is released, the Wego3 or the Beatpad. After this, I am leaning to the Beatpad, I just hope they change the screen when connected (like on the Wego and iDJ Pro) because I don’t need to see the crossfader, and would instead like to see which effects I have up without having to go to an alternate screen.

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Horizontal waveforms for better usage of the screen..

Self explanatory. Please.