Hot Cue issues (Cue 1-8 Controls)

I am having an issue with a Reloop Neon addon controller. I have done all the midi mapping and everything works great except

When I hold a hot cue button on the reloop, the song plays, but when I press play on my Mixtrack the song stops.

This is the opposite behavior of the cue on the Mixtrack, where if I hold a hot cue button, and then press play, the track continues playing.

I have uploaded a video showing the issue as well if my explanation isn’t good. Other than this one small issue I am so happy with Djay 2. You guys made great improvements and I’m hoping we can figure this out small thing out so I can switch off Serato and use only one DJ software!

I also have some screenshots showing the exact midi signals coming from the controllers.
The first one is the neon and mixtrack together which is not working. The second one is from the Mixtrack only which is working

To be very specific when the Neon sends E-1 on Channel 8, its mapped to Cue 1 so the track starts playing as long I hold it down, Awesome! The problem is when I then send C-2 on Channel 1 from the Mixtrack (Play pause) the track pauses, and what I want it to do is continue playing after I take my finger off the cue button on the Neon.

This is not what happens with the Cue and Play Pause button on the Mixtrack itself.

Also apologies if the detail is overwhelming. Just wanted to be sure you have more information than you need, not less :slight_smile:

Ah shoot very last bit of detail. I’m using Djay Pro 2 Version 2.0.4 on OSX High Sierra 10.13.3 with a Reloop Neon and Mixtrack Platinum plugged in at the same time

Wanted to follow up on this one!


Hello any updates? Sorry to keep pestering but am curious to learn what can be done

I’d like to ping on this another time.