Hot cue lag / latency when song is playing

Hi there,

A few weeks ago I switched to DJay Pro on an iPad with a Reloop Beatpad 2. Everything is working well, expect for the hot cues when a song is playing. When I press a set hot cue while I’m not playing a song on that deck, there is no lag. But when I press a set hot cue while playing a song, there is a lag of about 0.5 second. Because of this I can’t jump to a hot cue while playing a song live, which is a big miss of course.

Does anyone have an idea about this? The only thing I can think about is that the iPad is too slow maybe? It’s an iPad Air (2020) with an A14 Bionic-chip, which seems good enough to me, especially since there is no latency with any of the other functions.


Do you have quantize on? What value do you have it set to? Your hardware should be more than fine :slight_smile:


Yes that’s what I was thinking…
I never turn Quantize on anymore as it reacts differently… especially when looping

Oh wow… That already did the trick! I wasn’t aware there were different values there. Thanks a lot! This makes life a lot easier haha

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