Hot Cue Sticking

Hi there. I’ve been using Djay Pro for almost a year with a Pioneer DDJ-SB2. Recently I’ve been having problems with the Hot Cues on the right (decks 2 and 4) with the Hot Cues Sticking. The Button will jump to the hot cue in the song or sample, but won’t play it. Even pushing the play button won’t work. The Mac portion of the app won’t play the hot cue either, so I don’t think the problem is with the DDJ-SB2. I get it working by reloading the audio file - but this can be problematic mid gig or mid transition or when putting pieces of beats together. My software is up to date (1.4.3) and I’m running a Mac Book pro on 10.11.6 (El Capitan) 8 GB of ram 2.66 Ghz Intel iCore. Anyone have a similar issue or know a fix?


Hey Tommy See,

sorry to hear about that.
So the left deck is working and all the right Hot Cue’s are not?
Can you compare the two Hot Cue deck Pads mapping in the midi learn feature?

Thank you in advance.

Cheers,Lukas E.

So the problem is sporadic. It will work most times and then just decide to stop working. It is isolated to the right deck. It is the same sort of thing whether I am on deck 2 or 4. If I reload the track it will work fine. If I jump around a lot - aka beat juggle - suddenly it will stop working. I can move the track back and forward with the jog wheel - but it wont play or play on hot cue press. The midi mapping is the standard one that auto syncs with the DDJ-SB2. I haven’t altered or edited it.

Any other thoughts on this, Lukas?