Hot Cue trigger NOT quantized when in an active loop

On Djay Pro 4.1.5 on a 2019 MBP running iOS 12.6.3.

Hot Cue trigger is not quantized when in an active loop. I hope that makes sense. In other words, if I am currently in an active loop and I want to jump to a hot cue that is outside the active loop section. I have quantize ON. I would expect to be able to trigger the hot cue a little bit early and have it jump at the next beat (i.e. quantized). However, this is not the case. It jumps exactly when I trigger the hot cue. So, not quantized.

I’ve noticed this behavior for a long time, perhaps as long as I’ve been using Djay Pro which is since v 3.x.

OMG this is hilarious. Right after posting this I did some further testing.

Now it’s working as expected. haha

Anyone else have this issue intermittently??

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Hey @agershon ,

Thank you for posting this here in the Community. Interesting feedback!

Would you mind describing the steps you took to recreate the issue, and then the steps you took to resolve it?

I’m sure the other users will find this information extremely useful. Cheers!