Hot cue turns off sync

Hi I’m using reloop buddy with iPad Pro and today every time I use the sync button and hot cue the incoming track the sync turns off. I’ve tried it with several tracks. I might have accidentally turned something off but I’ve checked everything. What should I double check?

Hi @djqueenvic,

Welcome to our Community and my sincere apology for the late reply!

Sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve run into - I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue you’ve described in your post, so it would be helpful to get a little more information about this. Could you please tell me the following:

  1. Which OS version is running on your device?
  2. Which djay version are you using? (please open the djay settings and scroll down to determine the version number)
  3. If possible, could you please send a video of the issue so we can take a closer look into this for you? You can share the video directly using this link.

Thanks in advance!

Wow! Not a great service taking 12 days to reply. I sorted it myself, thanks.

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Thanks for keeping me updated and glad to hear you sorted it out. Again, my apologies for the late reply. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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