how can I access the audio device set up menu in djay 2

What are you using as main output through the dock connector? The audio devices setup panel only comes up when you plug in an external audio interface (= external sound card). For example, the component cable won’t work.

Does this happen with all your podcasts?

Do they have anything in common?

Hello Warren, thanks for your reply. Im using an apple camera connector plus an usb stereo sound adapter interface with sound card. I also have djay 1 and on that one it does show up but when I open djay 2 it doesnt.

Hi Warren , please disregard my previous message as I got it to work. thanks. one more question, I have podcast episodes that play perfectly on djay 1 but on djay 2 when they load to the deck it only loads a few seconds and not the whole episode. any possible fix for that

no, only some of them. That is the weird part