How can I access the Cue Loop Mode ?

I recently discovered the Cue Loop mode accidentally.
Not in Djay itself, but on the second mode of the Cue Pads on my Rane One. It has been literally a GAME CHANGER in my work (far more useful than the Saved Loop mode).
So the Rane One propose me a Cue Loop mode which I can access natively in Djay.

1 — How can I access the Cue Loop mode in Djay ?
2 — How can I midi map the Cue Loop mode on my DDJ-Rev7 ?
3 — Please, PLEASE, add the Cue Loop mode natively in Djay !

Can you please explain what the Cue Loop actually does? I’ve never heard of this before. I’m guessing it automatically creates and engages a loop when you press a hot cue?

Exactly and this changes everything ! First layer of Cue Pad is for calling a Cue, second layer for calling a loop starting at the Cue (with the length controlled by AutoLoop).
So both layers of Cue Pad shows same Cue with same color.

So if I can do it with the Rane One, I imagine that this comes from a Midi mapping but I don’t even know the name of this Midi action.

Okay cool. Thanks for clarifying. It should be possible to MIDI map this. Give me an hour or so to make a coffee and poke around in the djay MIDI functions and get back to you.

You’re a hero ! Thank u !!

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If you can confirm me too that this mode doesn’t exist in the software itself ? I am searching for 2 days on Djay iOs and Djay Mac.

@Julien_Apruzzese this is indeed easily MIDI mapped from within djay’s MIDI learn area. It’s found in the section under Cue Loop Pads:

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@Julien_Apruzzese these functions are not available directly in the djay interface itself, at least not on iOS. So, the only way to use them is MIDI mapped to a controller.

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Thank you a lot ! I will try tomorrow to map this on the DDJ-Rev7 and will tell you :wink:

And I encourage you to give a try with this mode because, at least for me, it has been a game changer.

You’re welcome @Julien_Apruzzese. Here’s a MIDI Mapping article for iOS if you’ve never done it. It’s very easy to do.

You’re right. I remapped my Mixon 8 Pro with Cue Loops instead of Saved Loops and in most cases, I think Cue Loops is more useful. This would also simplify my workflow as I wouldn’t really need to add Saved Loops to my tracks anymore. Just when I was starting to think I’d learnt everything about djay… Thanks!

Exactly ! No more need to create Saved Loops.
And the beauty is that before calling the Cue Loop, you can choose the length with the AutoLoop parameter.
Finally, when you called a Cue Loop, you can quit the loop simply by calling the Cue this time.

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How do you use this in practice? Also, I think saved loops serve a different purpose. For me at least, saved loops are completely detached from cue points.

The Game Changer is the ability to jump to a Cue with a loop engaged with the length chosen in AutoLoop. Moreover the fact that is on the second layer of Cue Pads means same order and same color. So everything can be done very quickly.

I understood that, but I still wonder if this is a useful function. I haven’t often felt the need to put loops where the cue points are, I didn’t even know that function existed. But of course everyone has their own style and way of working.
And maybe sometimes it just needs an impulse from the outside… I think I’ll just try this out at the next opportunity, maybe I won’t want to live without this function in the future :wink: In this respect already many thanks for the suggestion! :+1:

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