How can I change the loop controls into skip controls (as I could in djay)?

In djay (original) I could bring up the ‘skipping’ controls where the loop controls are located (in djay pro). I cannot seem to find skipping control anywhere except for in the ‘deck 1’ drop down menu => ‘skipping.’

Anyone know what’s up?
I’ve added a picture of the skip control being activated in djay.


bump. I’ve done plenty of gigs with the new version now and I still miss the skipping controls. a lot. Help us algoriddim!

As far as I understand - it is only possible to map something to skip one measure (no way to skip half or two measures, etc). If I am wrong please enlighten me!!

The Skipping buttons are no more available in the Main Screen of djay Pro, as we wanted to prevent the djay Pro interface from becoming overload with controls. However, you can still use the Keyboard Shortcuts “3” and “4” to skip through your tracks. Hopefully you can get along with that.

PLEASE bring back the skipping tool. It was a vital part of my sets. Being able to skip between 2/4/8/16/32 beats on the fly is important. Please

Skipping is still implemented in mapping form and is even more powerful that way as it is customizable for your liking!

Skip, 1 beat, 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, 32, are available as well. I set mine to 4 beats on a endless rotary so I can fast forward or reverse through a song. The rotary also has indents during rotation so if I need to extend a section, I rotate reverse 1 click and the beat and phrasing stays in time for each click.

bad decision, they are wrong