How can I connect my Hercules DJ Control Mix to my MacBook using bluetooth?

I’m on Macbook Air M1 2020
Running OS Sonoma 14.0
My controller is Hercules Dj Control Mix
DjPro Ver 5.1.3

I dont see a bluetooth Midi device option in Dj pro settings like I see on my android device. And it also doesnt appear on Macbook’s bluetooth scan.
I hope there’s a way to connect to my laptop even if it’s not supported

Hi @Talha_A,

  1. Have you installed the macOS drivers from the Hercules website?
  2. Is the USB connection on the DJ Control Mix connected to a charger, battery pack or direct to your laptop?
  3. I recommend that you disable the Bluetooth connection on you Android device as well so that it doesn’t try to automatically connect to the DJ Control Mix when you’re trying to connect it to your MacBook.
  4. Please share screenshots of the djay Settings>Audio Devices screen and the Settings>MIDI Devices screen.

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