How can I create a two dj setup?

Hi, my fiancee and I are both dj amateurs that love using the Djay apps at our parties. I thought it would be fun if we could somehow dj together (each able to pre-cue our tracks on our own devices), and was wondering what the simplest setup might be to do that.

Right now, we have two iOS devices running the latest day 2 app, a Vestax Spin 2 controller, and the included Djay software running on a mac.

I imagine there’s a more analog way to feed the audio into another mixer, but it would be awesome (Djay 3?) if we could see and beat sync to the other decks.

I think Rhys pretty much covered it all! :slight_smile:

Hey andrew my name is Rhys. Im a huge fan of the dj ap & have been using it for a few years now, ive been called a “pro” a good amount of times ^_^. The idea of using two phones and seeing what the other person is doing & synchronising to the song they are playing is a spectaular idea!,maybe you can connect via bluetooth or something. But to answer your question, im not sure if there is a simple way to apply what you have in mind but i would love to share my idea with you & others.

Idea 1:

Step 1: use 2 standard or advanced stero players (music system with speakers)

Step2: buy or use “2” AUX cables (red&white) or (red and black). They can be bought online or in any store prices range from £1-£20 take a look on ebay.

Step 3 connect the wires into the red and white plugs in the back or front of the stero (do the same to the other stero)

Step 4 turn on both stero’s connect your

phones and give it a try! You cant automatically sync but you can get the beat in time if you time it. This way is alot more fun & exciting

(Bonus idea) if your using a mac i think there is a update that allows you to use 4 decks, you use one side and your partner uses the other. This way you can sync to the beat.

Hope this helped