How can I get DJay pro to start a song at the “Beginning” of the track?

How can I get DJay pro to start a song at the “Beginning” of the track? I have been a long time Megaseg user and I am trying really hard to like DJay. It has some great features but some some of their library functionality search capabilities are limited and sluggish. I have an over 50 000 song Library but unless I’m doing something wrong DJay has a hard time handling it. One of my biggest problems is every time I load a track into the player and get it to auto fade over and start - the song is starting quite a few bars into the track. For a slow song (for instance) I need that song to start at the very beginning - even if there is no beat. Is DJay only made for fast songs??? I am hoping someone can help me iron out a few of these issues. BTW - I am using a brand new iPad Pro to run this that I purchased “just to run DJay”. I was trying to run an external Thunderbolt drive but DJay could keep up. I have now only taken a couple thousand songs and created an Apple Music Playlist. DJay seems to be running that well - but songs still starting not from beginning? What Am I doing wrong. Please advise. Thank you!!


P.S. - I am used to really relying on sorting my songs and drawing from them by “play count”. Can DJay not do this?? Thx

Hi there. Do you have synk enable when you are fading the track? Look under general and look at the playback options. I have posted a picture below. When you say that djay is having a problem with your tracks, have you downloaded them to the iPad or trying to grab them of iCloud?


Thank for your reply. I have tried both with sync enabled and not enabled. Songs still always jump way into song for every song that loads into whatever deck. Songs are downloaded to iPad on an iTunes playlist. I did this and I found DJay really didn’t seem to want to handle or import my entire Library (over 50 000 songs) from external drive into collection. My Apple Music Playlist is about 1500-2000 songs that I’m trying to work with to see if it will function properly. I also have play start and stop time set to 0 sec - thinking that could have been the issue. Still no luck.


An example of my settings. Also running with random songs - on Automix. Previously got it o advance to next song - so it loads the new song in the inactive deck and you can see how far advanced into the song the waiting song is. I never set and cue points or anything like that. All songs work like this. BTW I realize the left cued deck is only about 3.7 sec into song but usually its worse - depending on song. WTF?

Have you checked the settings under the auto mix settings where you tell djay how you want to auto mix. The last solution I have if the above doesn’t work is to perhaps reinstall djay and see if that helps. I am sure some of the experienced guys or dev team can help here

Thank you for your reply. I can’t seem to find the settings for auto mix section you posted. Is that on the current iPad version?

Yes it is, go to the top panel and press the button that you access to different modes. You will see it at the bottom next to setting

I did not see that setting section. Yes, I believe that worked! Finally!! Thank you so much! Cheers!:beers:

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That’s great. Glad we could resolve this issue together
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Thanks again Djdash! Much appreciated. Now I’m going to go post some more questions as I try desperately to get DJay to fulfill my needs. (Lolz) It seems it is so close to being great but needs a few things to be on that “Professional Level”. Really trying to make the iPAD version work for me as I purchased a new IPad Pro Just for. This task.


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