How can i get the Djay 1 version for Mac back >????

i need help the new version that i upgraded is not working properly nothing is functioning right , i cannot do nothing please !!!

Hi Avril,

Please kindly provide more information so we can better assist you.

  • Which OS X version are you using?
  • What exactly isn’t working properly?

i should have never upgrade to the new version of Djay. Now i cannot make mixes or do nothing. i miss the old version of Djay TELL ME HOW CAN I GET THAT VERSION BACK what is what i need to do …?? if i need to buy it again i will is so worth it . money is not the issue is that in the new one is not letting me do nothing i cannot work like that i have huge events coming up and with the Djay 3.0 program i make my beats that i produce sound much better with the effects please help me get Djay 3.0 back …!!! HELP!! … HELP!!!.. HELP!!!.. HELP!!!. HELP!!.. ME PLEASE !!!

it was not letting me do nothing i could not put songs on the turn tables i could not mix or transition when i wanted to =( buy since i had no one respond back i had no choice but to go to my closest Apple Store near my house and someone from the Mac store help me fix this problem and now nothing is Automatic !! is all standard and i decide when i want to start paying the next song !! thank you once again sorry if i said i hated the program it was just not working properly and i got disappointed =( but now i’m back to being happy with my new Updated program =) no need to worry … i won’t have to cancel my mixing live events happy about that .

Once again Algoriddim thank you for your support but my problem is fix !! i just went to my friend that he is a Deejay himself and he was the one who introduced me to the Djay Program and now he helped me solve my issue I LOVE THE PROGRAM NOW IS AWESOME !!!

nothing like mixing for real and not letting the automatic mix do it for you !! i do not like that even if the option is there i never use it lol . =) . However some people do like that option if you are a beginner at using Djay .