How can I hide iTunes Match Music which isn't downloaded

How can I hide music on iTunes Match which isn’t downloaded and everything won’t play?

Ive used djay from since before itunes match, so when match first came out, djay used to just error when trying to open online music, now it shows in grey and tells me i must download it first. But the interface is unusable, i have to scroll through a list of 20,000+ songs to find the few dozen I have cached on my ipad.

The interface desperately needs an option to turn off music you dont have.

Since it cant play the songs, why show them in the library and make the whole app run really slowly.

Surely an easy fix?

I made the mistake of buying this app as an iTunes Match user. It’s not usable to say the least.

That’s helpful.

It would be even better if it mentioned in the app description that it doesn’t work with iTunes Match.


Sorry to hear that. You should be able to use iTunes Match songs after downloading them to your device. If this is not the case, please let us know so we can help you troubleshoot the issue.

By the way, you can find detailed instructions on playing iTunes Match songs with djay here:…

In djay 2, you can now hide undownloaded songs from the library.

Tap the gear icon, go to “Library” and enable “Hide Tracks in the Cloud”.

Hello. Luckily I previously informed. Without iTunes Match integration I will not buy this app. It makes no sense to me. Please give me an info on this thread, if iTunes Match is supported. Then I buy the app immediately.

Best regards

I agree I prefer the old version better