How can I sync BPM info from djay to iTunes?

I’m actually answering my own question here (but I was asked to make this post by Algoriddim’s Twitter account). :slight_smile:

Kicked off by a thread in the old Algoriddim forums, Edmond Cho (with help from a few other djay users) assembled an Applescript that will copy the calculated BPM (and key) info from djay into the iTunes metadata.

The script can be downloaded here, and works great – I used it on a few thousand tracks this morning, and it chewed through them all without a problem.

Until Algoriddim builds djay-iTunes BPM syncing in (no idea if it’s planned, but it’s on my wist list for future features), this is a slick way to move this info around.

That script doesn’t work anymore, but someone else revamped it and is keeping an updated version on GitHub. I can verify that it works.

does this script still work? i tried today and the info is not moving over to itunes.

Thanks Michael!

I used this about a year ago but I tried it today and the script no longer works.

Aloha! This is an area of coding I haven’t ventured too deeply into…

I had just gotten this app and it was working great, and then I purchased and upgraded to djay Pro 2… which I love. Now is there a simple way to update this script so it will pull from djay Pro 2?


Here is a version of the script that works with djay pro 2 for BPM:…