How can I turn off the BPM analyser

I really enjoy using Djay and have for years, but recently I have run into this problem where the software’s BPM analyzer is overriding the BPM counts that I have made in iTunes, which wouldn’t be so bad but Djay does a really poor job of this. So…How can I turn this feature off? I have been using my own counts for years and this is really messing up my playlists. I can no longer sort by speed. Can someone help?


Hi Aaron,

The beat analyzer in djay cannot be turned off. Can you please name examples of the songs with your BPM vs. detected BPM?

Hi Aaron,

If it’s half or double the correct BPM, you can easily correct it by tapping the displayed BPM and selecting “Half” or “Double”.

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OK, here’s an example: “I’m Through With You” by The Downtown Shimmy. It’s got a BPM of about 67 but Djay calculated 103. “Between Two Points (feat. Swan)” by The Glitch Mob is 61 BPM but Djay calculated 122.

+1, I have reliable BPM tags stored into my songs, and DJay gets it wrong about half the time (as do other BPM analyzers for Swing music in general).
A preview of the next song’s BPM is pretty crucial, and I can’t currently pre-listen on my iPad…

Another voice for wanting to turn off the BPM analyzer. I’ve got thousands of swing songs in my library and I’m having to double every single one. It’s really tedious since I already have the BPMs in my itunes library.

I’m a swing DJ as well and I would like this software to stop overwriting my own BPM calculations.