How can i unmark al my marked tracks?

I can’t find the option to clear the marked track’s when they are played. I love the way they are marked when im using djay, but it needs to be reset on another gig. I have cleared the historie list, but i don’t think that’s it.

Hi Ivan,

The played markers should be reset when you create a new session. Try the following:

open the library

go to History

select “New Session”

I just tested this on djay 2.6.1 and iOS 8.1 and everything was working properly. I tried it on an iPhone 5 and an iPad Air.

Which djay and iOS version do you have?

Yes, I tried both.

Which djay and iOS version do you have?

Can you perhaps make a short video recording showing the entire process?

Thanks for making the video.

Now I see that there has been a misunderstanding. As you can see in the video, the checkmarks actually disappear after creating a new session. The green lines you’re pointing at in the video is not actually a “played” marker per se.

The green line is meant to indicate that the song has been played at least once since you’ve installed djay. Spotify has over 20 Mio. songs and sometimes with different versions and remixes. This marker helps you remember that you know and have played that song before and also that it has already been analyzed.

The played marker that you mean is only the check mark.

Hope this helps.

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Unfortunatly this does not do the job. Could this be an error in the latest ios? I also cleared all of the history and rebooted the ipad air. All of the previous tracks stay marked.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app did the job, but maybe you can look in to this problem. Thanx for the support.

Thank you for looking in to it. Did you try it with Spotify? Because that’s whats not working for me.

Still does not work here. But thank you for your time.

Warren, i have got an ipad air 1 running ios 8.1 and djay 2.6.1
I only use spotify with djay.

I hope there will be a fix for this or that you are able to reproduce the problem. I have been trying the procedure again today, but i cant get the marks to go away.

Maybe there is a way to manualy delete a log file?

I have made a video, showing that deleting history does not remove the track markings.
I hope this will help you solve this problem.
The only way to reset the markings is deleting and reinstalling.

Maybe there is a file i can delete manualy to reset?

Here you can find the (hidden) video:…

or… :slight_smile: Thnx. i feel a bit stupid.