How can the red circling platter lights be lighted? (Mixdeck Mapping)

I am fighing with the mapping of my “old” Mixdeck. The basic mappings are done (like loop, fx, play, cue buttons with their LEDs)… and it was fun.

But i stuck at those things like the red LEDs around the platters. Not talking about giving life to the LCD, showing the song data…

I installed a MIDI Monitor App, i checked the Mapping in Traktor, but i can’t figure out how the complex things work.

Can anyone help me?

I think, djay pro is a very nice DJ App and it could be an alternative to Traktor. But without supporting my Mixdeck, i cannot play a gig, even if i wish. The iTunes integration is way better, Spotify can save a wedding dj’s ass and so on…

Please, anyone help! I don’t fear the work that’s needed to do the whole mapping, but i really stuck at the moment.

Hi Lukas,

thank you for your reply. But i am sorry, i don’t have an idea what you mean with “jogwheel adv. mapping options”.

My Mixdeck is this one:

I asked numark support for a MiDI chart or something, but they do not provide this. They told me to install a MIDI Monitor to find out, whats going on. I try to watch the MIDI Monitor while Traktor is playing (so the red light circle goes around) but i see some sysex data and some Expression data.

BTW, i dont think that the Mixdeck Quad is so much far away from the older Mixdeck and so i wonder why algoriddim does not provide a mapping.

I really appreciate your help, but at this point i think i loose my mind.

I heve used the advanced options extensively to get all those status LEDs to work (eg the play button, scratch, search button lights and so on…) and this does work!

But!!! The red jogwheel light is a kind of special effect; the computer tells the mixdeck that if a song is player OR if the jog wheel is turned around by hand, THEN these circling lights appear!

Now i ask you, how does this information is being sent from djay into the mixdeck?!?!

The same question about all the song information like Name, Artist, playtime that the mixdecks own display can show…

OK, i see…

But finally, can you explain, why you have built in mappings for the Mixdeck Quad and all these controllers:

Numark iDJ Live II
Numark Mixtrack 3
Numark Mixtrack Pro 3
Numark Mixtrack II
Numark Mixtrack Pro II
Numark Mixtrack
Numark Mixtrack Pro
Numark Mixdeck Quad
Numark Mixtrack Quad
Numark Mixtrack Edge
Numark NS6
Numark DJ2GO
Numark Total Control
Numark Omni Control
Numark Stealth Control

But not for the Mixdeck? I mean, your devs seem to communicate a lot with Numark for making these controllers work. For example the Stealth Control is also a dino but just a toy compared to the Mixdeck.

Djay Pro is NOT a TOY, it is one of the best DJ Apps i ever used and i am sad that you do not support reliable hardware. Djay Pro is so good that i think i’m forced to buy a new controller…

Hi Pedro,

thank you for your post.

Can you send us a screenshot of the jogwheel advanced mapping options please, that would help me a lot.
Also which mixdeck are you talking about exactly.

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

You can find the “Advanced Control Options” by extending the little arrow underneath the midi command list.

Please do so and send me a screenshot of not working commands.

Lukas E.

Hi Pedro Kraft,

I see where the problem is. As you stated in your post these informations are special and can not be mapped via the midi mapping feature.

Sorry for that.

Cheers,Lukas E.