How can we use Djay2 with Spotify premium when there is no Internet ?

YOU CAN’T! That’s why no professional dj would EVER RISK using this feature!

If iOS apps have no access to each others workspace because of Apple’s Sandboxing, how come DJay can access iTunes library?

I sympathise entirely. The headline sales pitch does not tell the whole story and leaves some of us with a sour taste.

I use my 4g mobile as a hotspot, when there is no wifi. Does the job perfect with speeds around 30mb.

Hi guys,
Please note that due to “sandboxing”, a security feature on iOS, apps have absolutely no access to each other’s workspace. This means that djay has no access to the songs you download in the Spotify app. These songs are only available for the Spotify app itself. djay currently has no way to support offline playlists but we are aware of this request and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out.

Buuuh! Please hurry to add support for offline playlists!

Algoriddim does nothing for supporting it app they suck at customer service!

Ok spotifty is a streaming music app must have Wi-Fi to operate no exceptions…

Itunes music is drm protected won’t play on none dj pro or dj 2

Actually, i subscribe to spotify and apple music, i tried downloading a playlist from apple music and it is still not detected by djay pro, so i guess they have a different format (spotify and apple music songs) but songs that i own (bought or downloaded) shows up.

I do the same at every gig because you can’t trust wifi. No problems whatsoever.

I bought the pro versions for Mac and iPad before realising you CANNOT access Spotify when not connected to the internet. That selling point was THE very reason I downloaded this and spent my hard earned money (they are not up-front with this detail in the sales pitch and I feel very betrayed by that!!)

I am in the same boat. I bought a $2000 iPad Pro as my laptop broke down. The cheapest option I had as my mixing board was to old to use on a new laptop was to either buy a new laptop and mixing board at about $3500 together or buy the iPad Pro with the biggest memory and the mixon4 mixer for about $2800. It all works well only, to find out that I need a constant internet connection to stream the same songs over and over is rediculas. When using my laptop I have a music subscription through virtual DJ for $15AU a month and I can download and use as many songs as I want… I should have stayed with with the laptop