How come DJay 2 for iPad has over 1.6 Gb of data being used?

My iPad 4 (64Gb) reports that 1.6 Gb of “Documents and Data” space is being consumed by the DJay 2 app. I have around 7900 songs and many have cue points associated and all have been analysed.

Is there a way that this documents and data space can be reduced WITHOUT me having to re-do my cue points, BPM analysis? I am afraid to delete the app and reinstall in case I have to perform the BPM analysis again and lose my cues.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am preparing my device for iOS 8 installation and need more space.

Hi Däve,

The BPM analysis data takes up a considerable amount of space. This is probably why you have 1.6GB of space used up by djay with your 7900 songs.

However, djay only backs up user-generated data to iCloud (e.g. cue points). So if you delete and reinstall the app, you will lose track analysis data but not your cue points (just make sure that iCloud sync is enabled).