How do I analyse a bulk of Spotify tracks on djay for iPad ?

I have seen on some forums that there is a ‘more’ button on djay from which you can analyse tracks but I cannot seem to find it. Where is the button or is there another update way of analysing tracks ?

Hello David,

We understand that we have to load a spotify song each time you want to analyze it. so i think it should be possible to implement that feature this way into Djay no? even if it takes some time to analyze the tracks (obviously when we start the analysis we know that it could take some time).
(For your information this batch analysis has been implemented this way to Serato with Tidal, so …)


djay supports analyzing your entire library and individual playlists for local tracks only. Unfortunately, this is not possible with streamed tracks. They can only be analyzed one by one when loaded onto a deck. That said, djay displays BPM and key information through Spotify in the library even if a track has never been loaded, so it at least gives an indication of tempo and key, without having to load the track. Hope this helps.

I’ll pass it on to the team. Last time I checked this wasn’t possible. It’s not the ideal solution, but the best workaround for now is to load/play those tracks.