I just got the IDJ Pro Controller and I really like it but one thing I have not figured out is how to turn on and off automix while in the portrait mode that is the way to use it with the IDJ Pro. Please tell me there is a way to do this! Now if I start the program with the IDJ Pro off and it launches in the standard horizontal mode I see the automix button and I can set it, Once set I can power on the IDJ Pro and the automix works but I have no way to turn it off or change the folder it is automixing from. There has to be a way to do this from portrait mode. Any help is appreciated.

There will be a djay update shortly with many improvements and fixes for the iDJ Pro, including an Automix mode.

Thanks…when do you think it might be? I have a wedding in a couple weeks and would love to use this unit? Thanks, Scott

Any updates on the update?

Is there a way to show more area when searching your itunes library using the “load” feature on the IDJ Pro? I am glad you can even use that option but wondered if there was a way to size it to show more of say the “title” section and less of something else?

Warren, any word on this? When can we expect a new update out?