How do i change pad colors in user mode on mixon 8 pro

Im using the Mixon 8 pro with ios Djay Pro. Is there a way to change the pad colors in user mode? I cant seem to find it. I was able to find it for the other pad modes.


Hi @Clem_fandango,

  1. Please first refer to the attached article for MIDI Mapping on iOS:
  2. Once you understand the basics, open the djay MIDI Learn Tool, switch to the desired Pad Mode and press the pad that you want to change the LED color of then,
  3. Ensure that MIDI Out is turned ON then,
  4. Expand the Advanced MIDI Out Configuration section
  5. In this area the Min Value slider controls the LED OFF color (when the button is not being pressed).
  6. The Max Value slider controls the LED ON color (when the button is being pressed).
  7. You will need to experiment with these values to achieve the colors you want as each controller uses different values. Please also note that some of the values represent the same LED colors, but at different brightness’s or intensities. Again you will need to experiment.

Thanks a thousand :slight_smile: btw alot your posts on here are what sold me on trying out Djay Pro after being a long time Serato user. After using it for a few shows im in and absolutely love the software. Keep up the amazing work.

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You’re welcome @Clem_fandango. That’s great to hear! Thanks for the positive feedback.

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