How Do I connect my IPhone 6s to my pioneer DDJ-SB2

How can I connect my iPhone with my DDJ-SB2 what do I need to buy and what exactly do I need to do when I buy those things and overall how much would it cost me to get these things in order to connect it

I think it says, Djay pro, for mac.

You relate to mac djay pro. You use ios Djay.

Hi Ethan Lazo,

I am very sorry to tell you but djay for iOS ins only working with natively supported controllers.
You can find them here:

Lukas E.

As DJ Ivan said, at the bottom of the Hardware page are controllers listed which are being supported by djay Pro for the Mac, not for iOS devices.

Lukas E.

It says the DDJ-SB2 is supported at the bottom tho?

Whatcu mean?

Is this still the case? Or does it now work ok?