How do I create a playlist in DJay Pro 2?

(Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere - I did a search and found nothing concrete.)

I simply want to create custom playlists in DJay Pro 2 for Windows - which the website trumpets as a new feature for this version - but I cannot for the life of me work out how to do it.


But how do add songs to a playlist? I created a subfolder under “Playlists” and want to add songs from from Spotify to it. I can add songs to my queue, but I don’t see a way to add them to a playlist.

Seriously? Point me to the appropriate section in the Windows manual, then.
From all appearances the playlist functionality availble in the Mac version of the app simply doesn’t exist in the Windows app, rendering it almost useless for my purposes.

Right? Instead of just admitting that the Windows version of the app is missing this very basic functionality (which *is* in the Mac version), Riddler resorts to insults. Remind me who was wasting whose time?


Creating your own Playlists within djay Pro and also adding Spotify tracks is not supported at the moment on djay Pro for Windows.

We are aware of the user demand for this feature and want to thank you for sharing your feedback.


Lukas E.

Hello mr mcevoy
Here we go follow theses step what do you have windows 10 or Mac Pro? Which of them you are doing?

Ok got you I’m gonna show you how it’s done I don’t use windows 10 anymore becausei got Mac djay is and was made for Mac just to say. But with that let’s move on I will be right back ok back follow the pictures if you can below

Ok I guess that should do it for you

Hey Lukas
I sent this guy a step by step how todo the play list and he made a joke about it

Thanks DJ - it’s Windows 10 (I did actually put this in my question :slight_smile: )

Hi DJ - thanks for that, but that’s not really what I was asking :slight_smile: - what you’ve shown is how to link to a folder containing playlists created and managed in other applications.

I was actually asking about how to create playlists within DJay Pro itself. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks.

I fail to see how this is a “dumb” question? It’s a perfectly legitimate question, as is my original post.

Hi Lukas, thank you for your direct and clear answer.

@DJ: I think you have fatally misunderstood the original post!!

I think he got confused because windows is just supporting djay pro 

Seriously, how the guy cannot see the difference between:
A) Playlist
B) Adding directory to have dumb workaround for basic feature which is PLAYLIST… smh

Isso não é possível