How do I create a playlist, on my android phone, in DJay2?

I know how to create playlists in itunes, but itunes is not possible to use on an Android device.

You can create a playlist with the Google Play Music app. djay 2 itself does not support creating playlists at the moment.

Make a play list with your standard music app. Then restart your phone and have a look into djay 2. It uses all kinds of play lists so just try some apps ^^

Follow-up. I’m making playlists in Player Pro, but I’m getting spotty results “seeing” them in DJay2. Is there a reliable trick to make sure they show up? Also, how do I get them to PLAY in DJay2? It looks like I have to manually add each song from the playlist into the que, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a playlist made. Is there a simple way to add ALL the selections from a playlist, at once?

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I have djay app. How do you make songs play one after another automatically. Without loading another track onto the deck

Playlist doesn’t work. For all songs included ina playlist the message is the same “ti song can not be played”.
Is a big bug