how do i define what music is (and isn't) used in djay 2 for android?

i have 64gb of music on external sd card

djay2 lists all tracks, most of which are in the way of mixing

  1. how do i limit the music djay accesses?
  2. why can’t i get any playlists in (that would work as crates)
    2a) i run cyanogen so no google play music app, just ‘music’… why does google play music (allegedly) work but not other apps - how can i mimic it’s actions?

Hi Paul,

thank you for your post.

  1. djay accesses all music on your device, what do you want to make invisible for djay?
    2+2a) Playlists are all handled by the Google Play Music application, analog to iTunes for the iOS devices. Yes you are right we faced some difficulties earlier testing the cyanogen mod and are working on them.

Could you tell us which device you are using and which cyanogen version? That would be very helpful.

Lukas E.

hi lukas, thanks for your reply!

I’m on a moto g 3rd gen, running cyanogen 12.1.

I have thousands of songs on the sd card most of which I’ll never want to use in djay - I want control over what music is in djay’s library so I don’t have to scroll past dozens of non-dj music during every mix.

since installing Google play music I can at least see playlists now - that’s pretty handy, but I (and I’d wager a lot of other users) would still like to manually select the folders that djay looks in - the same way I do with any other digital dj software I’ve used.

so yeah, in terms of playlists vs cyanogen it seems users simply need to install Google play music - not necessarily use it to make the playlists, just have it installed - to access playlists in djay. to confirm this I unibsyslled play music and all playlist vanished from djay and reinstalled play music and they returned…