How do i get my controller to work with all 4 decks in Djay Pro

I’m trying out Djay Pro and it’s looking versatile with the addition of 4 Decks but im using an external Hercules MP3 E2 controller… it seems to only work with decks 1 and 2, is it possible to switch between 3 and 4 also, is there an option to choose which deck the controller is assigned to, similar to virtualdj pro between their 6 decks?

If you have an unused button on the controller, lets say the auto mix button on your controller, you can use that as a “Shift” key and in the Midi menu go to “Configure Hercules MP3 E2” (or whatever it shows up as).

Remap the “Automix” button as “General” then “Controller Shift Key”. Click done to save that configuration.

Now go back to Configure. Now hold your new “Shift” key and hit another key. It will create a new entry in the midi map. In the first drop down set it to Deck 3 or 4, and the second drop down to whatever that button/jogwheel is suppose to do.

You’ll have to do it do your entire controller and can be time consuming but that is the only workaround I’ve found. Downside is you do lose a button and you have to hold that to get to your second mapping.

It would be nice to have an on screen switch/Keystroke to switch decks if your controller doesn’t have a Deck A/B switch.

I’m afraid there’s no easy way to map a 2-deck controller to control all 4 decks. We recommend using a 4-deck controller, which are specifically designed for this “task”.

For example:
* Pioneer DDJ-WeGO 2
* Numark NS 6
* Reloop Terminal Mix 2 or 4

Thanks i tried this but couldn’t get it to configure. May try again. Any easier routes to the issue?

I wish… i wish…i wish they would make the controller work with all four decks… that should do it.

What would be a good 4 deck controller for the DJay Pro Software, are there any out there fully compatible?

To be fair… if it can’t handle a simple mp3 controller it’s not very advanced is it? I may come back in ten years when they have caught up with VirtualDJ Pro who have easily mapped 6 decks to a simple hercules controller… go figure that!!!

do if i only have a 2 deck controller , can i at least use the additional 2 manually (touchscreen on ipad) or 4 decks is not enabled unless, not sure if i asked this correctly but…

For beatpad users you can try my mapping for 4 decks here ……

Are these decks 100% 4 deck controllers and compatible with Djay on mac

Forgot to add a ?