How do I get the full waveform view back?

For some reason, the vertical waveform that used to take up half the page has shrunk to a tiny little section in the middle of the page. The rest of the space is now taken up by the library and parts of the mixer that I don’t need. Please tell me how to get the regular view back. I have photos to show what I’m talking about.

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See how much smaller the waveform is in the new view? I haven’t changed anything and can’t seem to get it back.

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Are you using Mac, windows or iPad?

I agree. The full-screen waveforms, side-by-side in Pro mode was my main workspace. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get it back after the 4.1 update (macOS).

It used to be that you could turn off all on-screen controls (including jog wheels) and that would do the trick.

Currently using 4-deck mode but I would like to get the full-screen side-by-side waveforms back in Pro mode.

I’m using a Mac. This new update sucks, I’m having a terrible time trying to see these tiny waveforms. Might be time to go to Serato

Heads up to Algoriddim, please correct this and please don’t implement this on IOS,
I think there should be an option to remove unnecessary things on the screen when connected to a Controller, Things like the crossfader at the bottom of the screen doesn’t need to be that big,
We prefer more Waveform real estate.



djay Pro iOS, ver. 4.1, still has full side-by-side waveforms (screenshot from iPhone).

Ironically, the iPhone now has bigger waveforms than a 13" MacBook Air.

Totally agree. When connected to a controller on iPad, I wish for the Crossfader section to always be skinny

Theyyyyyyyyyyyyy’re baaaaaaaaaack! The the large side-by-side waveforms are back in djay version 4.1.1 (macOS). Thank you, thank you Algoriddim!

Turn OFF the jog wheels and Tools (⌘4) to see the large waveforms.


Great and quick response from Algoriddim!!

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Hey all,

Thanks for writing regarding this and staying on top of the latest updates!

Writing to confirm that we increased the vertical waveform view area in Pro view mode when the jog wheels are hidden: this fix was part of the 4.1.1 version of djay Pro AI for Mac we released last week on December 17th.

For a full list of what’s included in the 4.1.1 update, take a look at this post :slight_smile:

Once more thank you for supporting djay and your contributions in the Community. Cheers!


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