How do I go back to my old setting where a selected track always loaded onto the inactive deck?

Back when I first set up djay pro for iOS on my iPad, the “Load Selected Track” MIDI function would load the selected track (e.g. I select a song from the queue or from a playlist in the library) onto what deck was inactive. When I fired up the latest update of the app, it’s no longer functioning this way but simply loading the track onto whatever deck was last loaded to (for example, the active track). How do I turn the other way back on where it auto-loads to the inactive deck when selected?

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Hi hope this helps go to settings and set protect active deck

Are you using a controller and if so which one?

Thanks, I do have that feature on as well and it’s helpful, but it’s not the same thing as always loading to the inactive deck.

I’m on the Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4

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I’m having a similar issue with my Rane One when using the iPad in Portrait/Vertical mode…
Selecting and scrolling tracks in my playlist works ok but whenever I try to use the search function and select a searched track, it wants to load it to the deck that is already playing, no matter which load button I’m using on my controller.
It works fine if I use my finger on the iPad screen instead of the controller button.
This is very frustrating and only began happening after the 4.0.1 update.
Are you using your ipad in Portrait/Vertical mode?

Ironically the issue isn’t there if I use the iPad in Horizontal/Landscape mode…

My issue happens regardless of screen orientation, unfortunately. It’s definitely possible the two issues are related and I hope both get fixed in an update soon.

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Hopefully we’ll get a fix sooner rather than later…

Hi @Trenchtown_Rock,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve moved your thread over to the Bug Reports category so we can better track it and let you know when this issue is fixed. I’ll keep you updated here when I have news from our Dev Team!

Thanks in advance for your patience.

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