How do I import M3U playlists?

How do I import M3U playlists on MacOS?

djay Pro AI cannot import/export M3U (normal) or XML (smart) playlist files.

Currently the best workflow is to manage playlists with iTunes. iTunes is also the best way to sync playlists between a laptop and an iPhone/iPad. FYI - the last step in this workflow is to analyze the iTunes tracks from inside djay Pro.


  • iTunes can import/export M3U (normal) and XML (smart) playlists.
  • it is possible (inside djay Pro) to drag an iTunes playlist into the djay Pro library/collection, but you won’t be able to backup/re-create the djay Pro playlist without first going through iTunes.
  • Also - smart playlists from iTunes become regular/dumb playlists in djay Pro.
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