How do I jump to an activated Loop?


using MIDI controller action “Saved Loop Activate 1” to activate my selected loop.
Now, I need an action to “jump” there or to “play” from there. Sounds so easy, but I couldn’t figure it out. Till now, everything I press plays from actual position, but not from Loop 1.
I don’t want to use the mouse to click on the Play button in the Loop segment of DJayPro.


@SirHannes your best option is to use Cue Loops instead of Saved Loops.

  1. Basically the Cue Loop activates a Loop at the same spot at your saved Hot Cues.
  2. So, Cue Loop 1 jumps to Hot Cue 1 and activates a loop at the currently set system loop length.
  3. Pressing the Cue Loop 1 a second time deactivates the loop.
  4. I recommend you also MIDI map a Shift + layer for each of these to Cue Reloop.


Thanks again for your tip! My workflow here is different, at least at the beginning of a new set (!) I need to use saved loops to focus on other stuff and get my hands free. Also, most Cue points are used already, so Saved Loop spots left only.