How Do I Load Custom Samples on DJay Pro IOS?


In the pre subscription version of DJay pro IOS, it was possible to add in your own custom audio samples and assign them. Is this possible in the new version?

Also can you add your own samples to the looper and make it similar to an app like Launchpad?


We are working on both sample and loop editing, and are planning to re-introduce sample editing first in one of the forthcoming updates. We will also be including additional content for you to download in that update. If there are any specific features related to the sampler, besides editing and using custom files, you’d like to see, please let us know.

Hey Brian, Please note that sample editing was added several months ago. We have re-implemented the whole sampler / sequencer engine for the new djay on iOS to support features such as sequenced playback of your sample triggers, loops, and more. The feature is now much more powerful than it used to be. Hope this helps.

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