How do i load my own custom samplers to Djay Pro 2 or how to i record them on the Mac?

I am trying to record or load my custom samplers in Djay Pro 2 but is different now i don’t see where to load them or record the samplers please help?

Ok will try that, but how do you record new samples, the record buttons for deck 1 and 2 are not present.

How come Algoriddim not answering some of these technical guestions?

I found the answer by searching in my own macbook pro :slight_smile: All i have to do is drop all my samples to this folder that Djay Pro 2 created.

/Users/YourUserName/Music/djay Pro 2/Samples

I still don’t know how to record new samples since deck 1 and 2 are not there. I am still using Djay Pro to record the new ones and then i transfer the recording to the new folder of Djay Pro 2.

Too busy fixing bugs! You can create your new samples by recording on deck 1 or deck 2 on the main interface then save the recording and then put it in the samples folder.

try the main deck 1 and deck 2 on Djay Pro 2 and record it and save it. Then put the new samples in the samples folder.

probably half cuz theyre german and half cuz they suck

When I drag my samples into the place where it holds the samples the program locks me out and then crashes every time I try to launch it. The crashing stops when I undo the move