How do I manually enter correct song Key information?

For songs that have the musical keys analyzed incorrectly… How do I manually edit the song info so that the correct key information is shown in the “change key” area?

Hi there,

you can change the key of a song by clicking the displayed key.
Also if you want to distinguish major/minor please activate this option via…

Settings -> Audio Analysis -> Distinguish major/minor

Lukas E.

Hi guys,

i see what you are talking about. I forwarded your request internally and it would be great if other users could upvote this thread. 

Also could you give us some exemplary songs which are analysed wrong?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Wakerz, We are on improving our key representation, please stay tuned. Which key representation are you working with in djay (library settings)?

I understand that.

This is what I’m asking… Suppose I know that a song is in C minor but DJAY PRO has analyzed it as Eb major. How do I tell DJAY PRO that it has incorrectly analyzed the song and set the songs root key to C minor? I want to manually enter the correct key information.

Also, how do I tell DJAY PRO that I’m only using notation that only uses flats? 'Not sharps and flats at the same time.

Give me the ability to write and show my OWN CUSTOM NOTATION. That way I can even write in Camelot System notation for each key, if I wanted to, and you won’t have to worry about copyright infringement because I’m writing my own custom notation tags.

I’m wondering what the status is on this problem. It’s been a year now and I’m not seeing any resolution to it. Having the correct song information is vital for key mixing. I had hoped that this problem would be fixed with more urgency.

Over 3 years and still no progress on this on this. Not only did the the employee (Lukas E.) completely misunderstand the problem, first time around, but he had the gall to ask us to do their work for them I.E., “Also could you give us some exemplary songs which are analysed wrong?”. Lukas E. probably doesn’t even work for Algoriddim anymore. Either that or he’s too ashamed to respond to an issue he’s neglected for over 3 years.

@Marco Effe I don’t want to burst your bubble. I use MiK as well and it’s definitely Not 100% correct. I check every song (by ear/keyboard) to make sure they have the correct key. For key mixing, It’s imperative to have the correct key. If even just 1 song is incorrect, it can ruin every combo it goes with. Forever. Imagine if just one letter in the alphabet was a different letter and how that would affect Everything you write after that. Forever. I write my key info at the beginning of the song title as Camelot notation but my initial question and desire was to get this info in the “change key” area, so that when I change key its clearly displayed.

I feel this is an important issue and it seems that I’m not alone. This is why I keep checking on the progress even though I don’t use Algoriddim anymore. At least, not until this issue is fixed.

Thank you everyone that’s kept an interest in this. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

Same question here. I’d say about a third of all of the tracks in both my itunes and spotify libraries have an incorrect key analysis in Djay Pro. Also, there are tons of great songs out there that modulate half way through the song. It would be so great if you could manually enter the key value, like you guys did for bpm in the last update.

Both Spotify and djay Pro’s key analysis are incorrect almost half of the time, and I don’t understand why the user can’t manually change the key information, just the way you can with BPM.

It seems like a fairly easy feature to add.

What am I missing?

So this thread is pretty old, but i’m coming up with the same problem.

here are some examples of songs incorrectly labeled.

Cold Water (feat Justin Beiber) : Major Lazer (Analyzed as D Major, Correct Key A Major or F#m)

I.Z.Z.O - Jay Z : (Analyzed as Bbm, Correct Key Gb Major)

Closer (feat Haisley) : Chainsmokers (analyzed as Eb Major, Correct Key Ab Major)

there are some more i’m stumbling upon… a lot of them are the correct key but often the labeled as the relative major/minor. Really seems like there should be an easy way to do this.


I love using DJay Pro but its missing “key change” option, if u could add opportunity for changing key manually in newer patch that would be really great and I still hope it will happen despite that this topic is 1 year old.

Please make it happen! :smiley:

Yes, this is a big problem. Also, I’ve noticed that it analyzes songs in i-tunes much better than in Spotify. So the same song will have a different key when analyzed through spotify vs iTunes, and the Spotify analyses is usually incorrect.

This right here is why I cannot utilize djay pro for professional use. Half of the time I improvise my mixes and not having reliable information on the song’s key is frustrating. I wouldn’t mind if I had the ability to manually correct the key.

Also could you give us some exemplary songs which are analysed wrong?

in Spotify: Search "Like Home - Stadium X Remix. After analysis it is identified as Bb minor. It’s actually C Minor.

Misasa by Twins. identified as Bb minor. It’s actually F minor

Kubera by David Allen. Identified as D major. It’s actually A minor.

Ce Soir ? - HUGEL VIP edit. Identified as F major. It’s actually G minor/Bb major

Make it Right by Lucas & Steve. Identified as F minor. It’s actually G minor.

I can go on and on and on… these are grossly inaccurate. It would be understandable if a song in c major was labelled a minor as it likely detected significant use of its relative minor. But these are just off.

It’s kinda of an annoying workaround but I do like this for setting the right camelot key in djay pro (for my own files, it won’t work with spotify songs):

  • Analyze files with Mixed in Key for correct key detection.
  • add the Camelot key tag as additional mp3 tag either manually either using a program like Mp3tag (I store camelot values in the “comments” tag)
  • enable “comments” tag to be visualized in the songs list