How do I map the nudge (+/-) buttons to buttons on a controller without platters? (Mixtour)

How do I map two buttons on a controller (Mixtour specifically) to behave exactly the same as the nudge (+/-) buttons on the UI? When I plug in a larger controller (Mixon 4) the mapping is a rotary controller mapped to "Scratch"and the “Scratch Mode” is controlled by the capacitive touch plate on the platters…but I don’t see any options for simply mapping two buttons and if I try by changing the control type from Button to Rotary it doesn’t behave the same as the nudge buttons on the screen–it skips around but doesn’t smoothly nudge.

In the older versions of DJ this was easily possible.


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Hi @serotonic,

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The nudge buttons you are referring to would be listed in djay as “Pitch Bend +” and “Pitch Bend -” and can be MIDI mapped in djay Pro AI for both iOS and macOS.

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