How do I mono microphone?

Using a Lexicon Alpha and plugging an EV handheld microphone into the XLR input on the Alpha. Then USB from Alpha into Mac. It only sends feed to right channel. I’ve been Google searching for hours but only find old posts about the subject.
How can I get DJay to play mic in both channels. It would seem by now there would be a mono mic switch.

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Which djay version are you using? Also, please do the following:

  • open Audio MIDI Setup app (under Utilities)
  • select “Show Audio Window” from the “View” menu
  • in the left tab, click on your Lexicon Alpha device
  • take a screenshot of the window

Sorry, it’s under Applications -> Utilities.

Hey John,

Sorry for the late reply. I am honestly a bit confused. The settings for your Lexicon Alpha indicate that it uses 2-channels.

I am not familiar with this sound card, but it seems to have some sort of mono/stereo switch at the front. What happens when you switch it to mono or stereo?

Installed the app on my iMac a few days ago, version 4.2.

Cannot find “utilities”. Where is it located?

There is no “show audio Window” on the view pulldown once in “audio midi set up”

I’d neglected to plug in Lexicon Alpha before I took the screen shot. Here’s it is.

Ok, I’ve at least changed the “use this device for sound input” to the Lexicon Alpha but still only get channel 2 audio from the microphone.

And now I’ve done something in audio midi set up to where I have no microphone sound at all anymore in DJay. Arrrrggghhhh.

Ok, shut down and restarted DJay. Got microphone sound back but still only sound from right or channel 2. Is there really no way to mono this microphone and play it in both channels on DJay. It seems so logical.

Yes, the Lexicon Alpha has a mono/stereo toggle. Either in mono or stereo I still only get the right or channel 2 audio out from mic in DJay. I have a Blue USB mic which I’m using now and that is in 2 channel but I’d prefer to use my better quality mic but still cannot get both channels.

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Same problem with my M-Audio M-Track Plus. only hear mic through one speaker