How do I permanently change the BPM of a song on djay?

Whenever I play a song, even if the BPM data is already there (I’ve manually input many of them in iTunes), the BPM is automatically recalculated. This is not always bad, but it often halves the BPM. I know I can go up to the menu bar, click on Table-1 or Table-2, and then Double or Half the BPM, but the problem with that method is that it only changes temporarily. If I play the song again later, it goes back to the original calculation. Is there any way to override the BPM calculation permanently, so that it won’t keep changing back?

Once you double or half the BPM, the corrected value should stay. If this is not the case, please reach out to support(at)

Try ejecting deck after updating BPM?
I think this triggers clouding info, including BPMs.

The tap pulldown is confusing. there is no way to use it. the pulldown should just open the tap window.

It is not really recalculated. However, it stays double or halfed. It knows it is doubled or halved because if it is halved and I eject and load again I cannot go in and half it again.

I did this and the bpm does not stay. Have the latest djay pro ver 1.2 and mac ox x 10.10.4… very frustrating.

Hi Nicholas Owen,

we noticed your request. Thank you please stay tuned for further djay Pro updates.

Lukas E.

I’ve got songs with multiple bpms. In an update is there a chance to adopt a model like rekordbox RE multiple BPMS or allow adding an exact bpm instead of just a tap function?

Brilliant thanks so much Lukas!

I am having a similar problem where I use the ‘Tap’ button to recalculate the BPM and when I press ‘Apply’ it ignores the BPM value just calculated and reverts to the old value. I can’t see any options in the preferences which relate to this function so am wondering how it is possible to change a BPM manually to what I calculate as being the correct value.

Did this ever get solved as having the same issues