How do I set up my Audient iD44 interface to pre-cue? Not using controller, just MacBook running DJ Pro 5.1.6.

I need help! I want to use my Audient iD44 interface to split the output so I can pre-que using DJ Pro Software. I’ve tried all sorts of things. Creating an aggregate device, etc. and nothing seems to work! I don’t want to go buy a DJ controller that I won’t use much.Any advice is appreciated since I am DJing my daughter’s prom in a few days and would love to be able to pre-cue, etc. Thanks!

Have you tried the “Devices” menu in Preferences?

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 17.27.26

And then you need to know what channel to use and how to route sound to the headphones out in the Audient iD44

Havent done it on my MOTU, but it should be straight forward?

edit: just tried with my MOTU interface and it seems straight forward.
Could it be some setting in your interface software that controls where Headphone output is routed from?
In the MOTU software i had to uncheck “Follow Active mix”

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Hi @warpedmirror, please refer to the attached FAQ article and let me know if that helps. If your interface is not class-compliant, make sure you download and install the necessary drive. Please also share a screenshot of your Devices Settings like @spiro has shown above.