how do i transfer my bpm analysis from djay on my ipad to my pc?

I am ready to sync my ipad and I want to ensure the 2000 songs which I have analysed for BPM already still have the BPM data. Is there a way I can transfer this information to my PC? As I am also updating the tags on some of my songs on my PC I need to manage everything through this. Any suggestions???

I’d like to know what the constriction is? it’s not like the entire beat grid has to be exported as i dont mix on itunes but i do have to create playlists there and i’d prefer the relevent information to be accessible without switching bewteen the apps. Either that or allow playlist editing in dj-pro. it simply does not deserve ‘pro’ status without these features.

Hi David,

This is currently not possible. Though djay’s data should remain intact as long as you do not delete the app or restore your iPad.

I thought the bpm an cue points were stored on iCloud which meant you could retrieve the track info from a different device. Also I need to know how the cue points are indexed to the tracks, is just by file name, file path or file tags.

I ideally hope it doesn’t use file path and it either uses file name or tags. If so if i load the same track on my iPhone of which I have already bpm scanned n set cue points for on my iPad, will all settings easily be downloaded from iCloud?


I would also appreciate if this (otherwise beautiful) app could store the scan results into my iTunes library. This way my other mobile devices could inherit the results of multiple hours of work (manually opening track by track in DJay to analyze BPM). If this app could automatically scan a genre, a playlist, or even the whole iTunes library and leave the results there - I’d be enthusiastic. This would be a true differentiator, because no other DJ software can do it either… (I’d even pay for this additional feature).

I agree w Rango! I simply want to be able to transfer my bpm analysis from DJ1 to DJ2… I cant seem to be able to do that either… Can someone help?