How do I transfer my recorded sets to my PC?

I recorded a music set for the first time with my ipad on Djay app and I can’t transfer it to my PC. Anyone Can help?

connect your iPad to iTunes. Copy the file from your iTunes as you would any document from your iPad. Once it’s on your desktop or temp folder, double click and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Don’t forget to convert the file to Mp3 or it won’t upload to your iCloud!

Thank you! What I needed was to know how to get the track out of the ipad. But I then realized that it was writen right under the rec button in the app.

  • Connect device to Itunes.
  • Click on device in itunes
  • Click on Apps
  • Scroll down to the djay app
  • select track file
  • Save as
  • after opening aiff in Itunes right click and create mp3 version

THAT was what I needed to know.
But thanks anyway.