How do I use djay pro?


I’m trying to understand how to use djay pro, but I cannot understand the user interface, basically. My use case is very simple:

  • I just want to play one song to the audience, while listening to the next song on the headphones.
  • When the first song ends, I want this software to start playing the next song. A couple of seconds of pause between songs would be fine, absolutely no gradual change from one song to another!

So how do I do this? I even got the pre-cueing with the headphones connected to the internal headphone output and loudspeakers connected to a USB sound card working fine, except that I’m getting lost at which song goes out which way.



As you’re already using an USB sound card, this is quite simple:

  • Open djay Pro “Preferences” > select “Devices”
  • Assign your Main Output to your sound card (Channel 1 - 2), as well as your Pre-Cueing Output (Channel 3 - 4)
  • Now, plug in your headphones into your sound card

Selecting the headphones icon will activate the Pre-Cueing for one deck.
Give it a try!

The headphone buttons control what you are hearing on the headphones. When the song ends, move the crossfader to the second side and press play. Hope this helps.