How do loops work with MIXON 4

How do loops work with idjay on iPad (iOS) and a Reloop Mixon 4.
The Mixon 4 does not have a “Loop IN” and “Loop OUT” Button as many other controllers have.

I tried a lot but I still cannot find any “system” how this works.
* When in “Loop Role” mode, when I press one of the eight PADs then a kind of a temporary loop is activated. The pad controlls the length (1/32th up to 8 bars). But that loop is only looped nad played as long as I press and hold that button. How to make it stay?
* There is an Autoloop button. That creates a “normal” loop that is also played as a loop. The length can be set with the wheel above it. But that is just one loop. What are the PAD buttons for then?

I already read in this forum, that DJAY cannot save loops. Is that still the case or has this been implemented meanwhile?

My most important wish:

Is it possible to set a loop somewhere in the track. Then when the track is playing I would like to jump back/inside this loop. Track may be playing anywhere and on the press of a button I would like to jump back to the beginning of my loop. And of course the loop shall be active.

Is that possible?

P.S. (I know what CUE points are. But I want an active loop!)

I think I found a partial solution:
Press the “loop roll” button (second button above the pads) TWICE to enter “saved loops” mode.

Then create a auto loop. This loop can now be assigned to one of the pad buttons by pressing it.

If you then press that pad button again, then you can activate and deactivate the loop.

When the loop is active it will also loop when the playhead enters the loop from the front.

If the playhead is AFTER the loop there is one undocumented trick to “re-loop”: Press SHIFT+PAD button. Then the playhead will jump back into that loop. And event stay in beat sync to the other track. NICE!

=> But still: Loops are not saved if you reload the track.

Also tried that. I it works but you have to be very quick!  Jump to the cue point, and then immideatly press the auto-loop button on the Mixon 4.  you have to be quick enough so that the start of the loop gets quantized back to exactly where your cue point is. If your 1/2 beat off, the loop start will get quanzized to on bar later.     On 120 bpm 1/2 beat is 0.25 sec !!!

It would be much better to have a feature: “Jump back to cue point and immideately at the same time by pressing that one button start at loop”  => this exists, but is undocumented.  See below

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you have on each deck a button and a knob for the loops. i.e. the knob controls the loop length and with the button you activate it at the current point… and with a cue button right before that you can just do what you wanted!?

Hi Robert,

The Mixon has as you already mentioned an auto loop option. Also you can find the Loop Roll feature via the pads, a rolled loop which stops when you stop pushing the according pad.

Note that you can also create manual loops directly in djay.

Hey Lukas… i don’t think you responded to Robert on the topic of saving loops like on all other dj softwares. It sounds like this was already raised 4 years ago! And by the look of it the function is still not available?! I decided to swap from traktor to djay because of the spotify integration but now i am thinkong djay is lacking some basic functionalities and an ambitious roadmap to integrate them… what do you think?