How do you add artwork to exported files?

When I try to add artwork in iTunes it doesn’t work. Is there a way to add artwork to the exported songs?

  1. Be sure to actually export the song from the Djay app to your computer, then add it to your itunes library.

  2. Find the picture you would like to use as album art, preferably square in dimension, and copy it to the clipboard.

  3. Navigate to your song in iTunes, and press ‘Ctrl + i’ to bring up song info. Go to the album art tab, and press ‘Ctrl + v’ or simply right click and paste.

Voi la.

Hi Victor,

How did you add the artwork via iTunes? What exactly didn’t work?

Where did it not show? In iTunes or in djay?? Please provide as much information as you can.

I went to Get Info and went to Artwork, dragged a photo in and it looked like it worked but it didn’t show

It didn’t show in iTunes or my iPhone

It doesn’t show in Djay either it’s just the turn table with no picture

Already tried that didn’t work

Is there anyway to add cover art