How do you configure a DDJ-400 on windows for DJay Pro?

I just bought my DDJ-400 and I know that the Windows version now supports it as a midi (yay!). The only issue for me is that as a beginner to all of this, I have no idea how this all works or how to go about configuring it to work. I would love to be able to use this program because of the Spotify integration. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to figure this all out! Thank you!

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your interest in djay for Windows.
The DDJ 400 is natively supported by djay Pro for Windows. You can find the Spotify integration directly in the Spotify library, did you manage to access your account?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi James, hi Alex,

The DDJ 400 is natively supported, also pre Cueing does work too.

@James, did you select the controller as Pre Cueing Output? Did you also try to use your Headphone Jack Built In Output and connect your Headphones to your Laptop for Pre Cueing?

@Alex, the controller is natively supported and also works with the Demo version of djay Pro for Windows, can you further point out what problem you are facing?

Maybe try this:…

I accessed it, I just cannot figure out how to map out my DDJ 400 controller to be able to use it with the software. Do I need to purchase the full version to get it to work? Any tips on how to configure the controller would help me greatly. Thank you for the response!


I am using the DDJ400 with DJ Pro in Windows 10. I cannot get sound in the headphones to cue the next track from the inactive deck. I’ve confirmed that this works in Recordbox with Pioneer Support. I really need help with this ASAP. Thanks!!!