How do you connect an ipad up to a mixtrack pro 3 with software Djay 2 or Pro

Hello, I have researched about a lot and there is a way of connecting your iPad up to a mixtrack pro 3 with Djay using the camera connecting kit somehow? I am just not sure how exactly you do this, something to do with the mapping of the controller maybe? I am desperate of knowing how to do this as it would be amazing on an iPad and with Djay, please let me know , thanks alot :slight_smile:… they say it is possible

Hi there,

thank you for your post. I am sorry to tell you but the Mixtrack 3 is not iOS ready which is the reason we don’t support the controller with iOS devices. Check out 
for more informations.

Lukas E.

Unfortunately I’m still unable to get this to work, I tried every possible solution but have had no luck! The reason I wanted to use Djay with the controller is because of spotify, I had all my tracks there and was really comfortable using spotify and Djay so when I found out there was no possible way of connecting and ipad up to it I downloaded all of my tracks from spotify on to a USB and instead I bought a laptop and downloaded Serato DJ. This was the best decision I have made, there is so much you can do with this software and it’s a lot more professional. Also now with having all my music on USB I can now take my music anywhere and I would really recommend you doing that.
Hope this helps.

Yes it does take a while at first to download all your songs on to a USB but once you’ve got them it only takes a minute to add a new song to it. I just get songs from YouTube then use ‘YouTube to MP3’ but when you download a song try and download a HQ one with a high bitrate. Also what do you mean software? To convert the music or to DJ on?

Glad to be of help! The exact youtube to MP3 I use is the good thing about this one is that you can also save the video as well (MP4). Also on what ever software you decide to get I do recommend Serato DJ look at the minimum specs your laptop should be I think its an i3 processor.
And yes if you could let me know how you get on I’d appreciate that :slight_smile:

When do you support Mixtrack Pro 3 for ipad?

Hello… Did you ever find a solution for this because I’m looking at doing the same thing.

Hello…My son loves the Mixtrack Pro 3 and wants to use the app Djay Pro using the IPad Air .When I connect the Mixtrack to a powered hub it goes through a non stop flashing light show. This renders the controller non useable. Yet others say it will work. What USB hub should I be using? I have the camera connection kit with the lightning lead but can’t do anything until I sort this issue out.
Your help would be very much appreciated

Hello Kieran. Thank you for taking time out to respond. Much appreciated. You are in the same predicament that I am in. Doesnt it take forever to take one song then convert it to MP3 then download to USB ? What software are you using? Replay?

Sorry for not being so clear Kieran. I meant what software you were using to convert songs to MP3 but you’ve already answered it for me. YouTube to MP3. If I could shake your hand to say thank you then I would. You’re a star. Thanks Kieran.

I’ll let you know how It’s going once I’ve bought the laptop

I have had the same problems connecting my Mixtrack Pro 3 to the iPad. I tried all sorts of different way and I fineally got it to work today. Problem is I wasn’t using a genuine Camera Connection Kit made by Apple or one that is Apple approved so I got it working for all of 30 seconds before it rejected the wire and said it is not supported by my device. I’m going to go to Argos are by the 2 in 1 Genuine Apple one tomorrow because it also has a charger port so I can DJ past the life of the iPad battery. Hope this helps.
One thing, converting YouTube videos to MP3 has an awful sound quality and on bigger speakers it will really tell. Try to avoid that for the sake of your dancefloors ears. Ear fatigue is a real thing and isn’t pleasant.

All the best.

Yes, but draws slightly more power than needed to keep the iPad charged. So maybe that’s why a hub is recommended!

Did this work through the apple charger plugged into mains?

Which app did you use?